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Tracker Suite Version 6.0 Release Notes

January 2020



Tracker Suite Version 6.0 Release Notes



Technology Upgrade:

Application moved to Asynchronous web services stack which allows for a faster application and better user experience.

Ø  Support for the latest Browser versions of Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.


Enhanced Collaboration:

Ø  The new version of Tracker Suite allows users to create and manage their own person profile where they can add their pictures, emergency contact information, courses, skills, degrees, etc. making tool more user friendly and interactive.

Ø  A “What’s New” section that provides a summary of recent activities within Tracker Suite.

Ø  System also supports the ability to like, dislike, and follow various documents. You can track changes of documents you follow in a central news feed.

Ø  New comments/discussion technology is introduced that allows users to start discussions on items of interest such as Projects, Support Requests, etc.


New Document Tracker Module:

Ø  Document Management capabilities have been added with Document Tracker, where users can change/update documents/attachments uploaded in the Tracker applications with in-place editing.


Usability Improvements:

Ø  The new Menu structure, has improved fonts and many other user interface improvements to provide a better user experience.

Ø  Buttons with icons and hover tooltips have been introduced. Admins can also rearrange and re-label buttons on various forms, per their requirements.


Application Wide / Framework Changes

1.      The Menu layout and structuring has been revamped in the new version of Tracker Suite. A new bar style menu has been introduced and the menu is pinned on the left side of screen by default. The Menu Tree has been changed to make it more user friendly.

2.      Various Social features have been added in order to make Tracker Suite more interactive and user friendly. It humanizes the application so that you can see pictures of the people whom you are interacting with on the application. Some of the features include:

·         Like/Dislike options are available for various documents. Users can like/dislike documents and see list of other people who have liked/disliked the documents.

·         Follow document allows users to follow a document such as a Customer or a Project and they can track all the field level changes and attachments with followed documents in a centralized News Feed window.

3.      A new “Share” feature has been introduced in Tracker Suite Version 6.0. This allows Administrators or Gurus to share the Tracker Suite Site with existing as well as new users. They will have the option to type in a custom message and a revamped Welcome email message will be sent to users.

4.      Support for cold storage has been added in the new version of Tracker Suite. This allows users to define rules for archiving old data and putting that data in cold storage. This will clean up active tables and reduce the size of the Active database resulting in improved system performance.

5.      The Welcome Email process has been improved allowing users to be able to access the site with single click.

6.      An improved look to the Desktop and a new Font family has been introduced across application, with a slightly bigger font size resulting in improved usability.

7.      A new “Configure Site” function has been introduced for Administrators where they can select the modules that they want to use in their organization during the initial site configuration process. This feature will automatically roll out only the selected modules, hiding all of the unused menus, reports, related help content, etc. resulting in a smooth and clean delivery.

8.      New Comments/Discussions technology has been added to the system which allows users to start a discussion about various documents and receive opinions of other stakeholders about a discussion point/agenda.

9.      A Discussion Folder has been added that gives a centralized view to see all of the discussions going on in organization. This View shows discussions grouped by various entities such as Projects, Support Requests, etc.

10.  New Documents section has been added to the top of the Menu. This lists all the new documents like Projects, People, and Support Requests, etc. that have not been read yet by the logged in user. It also shows the total count of each type of unread documents. Once a document is read, it will automatically be removed from the new list and counts will be updated.

11.  Configuration has been added on Company Setup to turn on/off all social features by clicking one checkbox.

12.  Configuration is available on the Form Profiles for each document that allows users to define roles that are allowed to follow a particular entity such as Project, People, etc.

13.  New user-friendly icons have been added alongside buttons with hover tooltips that make it more convenient for users to locate a particular button. Buttons are also now configurable and administrators can arrange buttons on a particular form per their specific requirements. They can also change labels of these buttons.

14.  Configuration has been added to the Company Setup that allows users to show or hide Button Labels and Text. If you hide Button Labels, users can still identify buttons from icons/hovering tooltips.

15.  Type ahead on the drop-down lists has been improved. Users now can type in any part of text in the drop-down list to search for the results. Previously it would only search for items that start with entered text.

16.  The option has been added so that embedded views on various forms can also be sorted based upon different columns, similar to the sorting on normal views.

17.  Copy Text has been added in Tracker Suite Views so that a user can copy their required information in the clipboard and use elsewhere.

18.  System now supports dragging and dropping Desktop icons to Favorites area at the bottom of the screen to add them to the Favorites list.

19.  Desktop icon row and column positions are made persistent. If the screen resolution size changes, icons should keep their position.

20.  On the email dialog, when you click name of one the recipients, the system will show a small window listing email and postal addresses for that person.

21.  On the email dialog, a three-dot button (…) has been added at the end of To, CC and BCC lists clicking which shows the list of recipients and their respective email addresses.

22.  Client and server-side logging functions have been improved to include the time zone information of end users.

23.  Technology to detect changes made on the Form has been strengthened so that users are given a proper warning message in case they try to close the Form without saving their changes, and hence lose their data.

24.  Rich Text Editor now expands automatically to fit content in it. This removes extra scrollbars in the system and makes it more user-friendly.

25.  New Log tab has been added to the Workflow profiles. This allows tracking and auditing of changes being made to a particular workflow.

26.  System now supports adding Help against a particular tab (such as the Tasks tab on Project form) and reports (like resource availability).

27.  Print Module Help Option has been added. Sequence numbering is added for various help pages so that they can be printed in a sequence when module help printing is used.

28.  PDF printing option has been added to the Help pages.

29.  For exporting reports, views and various word templates, support for xlsx and docx files has been added.

30.  Paging has been implemented on the Emails Tab of certain forms to load document and email tabs faster.

31.  Bigger pictures have been added to certain boards, such as the Status Board and they are more user friendly and interactive.

32.  Title bars have been removed from the application giving more space to display user information and data.

33.  Option to select context sensitive form profile for various field types added in system that allows the system to use default values such as Today, Yesterday, etc. added against date fields, for example.

34.  Message boxes and alerts have been changed and updated across the application to make them more meaningful and user friendly.

35.  Option added on certain new document views to mark records as Read/Unread in bulk.

36.  Auto launch can be enabled for various shortcuts on the Desktop. On Auto Launch windows, the option is also available to disable auto launch.

37.  Logs have been improved across the application to provide more user-friendly log messages.

38.  Activity Editor Form is now using Form Profile technology. This allows users to re-label and show/hide certain fields and tabs.

39.  A new tab and a set of custom fields have been added to the Activity Editor form so that certain values can be changed after the data is posted in reporting tables.

40.  File streaming capabilities have been added in Tracker Suite framework allowing the application to handle large scale attachments in an efficient manner.

41.  Configuration has been added on Company Setup for entering the number of document versions to keep in the version change history for editing of documents inline.

42.  A new configuration is available on workflow profiles to disallow the submitter as setting themselves as the first approver.

43.  Welcome Email has been improved to make it more user friendly and to allow a user to login to the system with one click.

44.  A new central “Create” menu has been introduced at the top of the menu bar, providing centralized and easy access for the user to create various forms.

45.  Form Setup tab has been added to the workflow profile screen, allowing the user to complete all of the configurations from a one stop shop.

46.  Home button has been added at the bottom right corner of the Task Bar, allowing the user to easily access his/her Desktop from anywhere in the application.

47.  Window titles and tooltips on the Taskbar for various opened windows gets updated properly as the user navigates between various records inside a window.

48.  Close button has been added on Views. Also, an indicator has been added in the column header to show which columns can be directly edited on views.

49.  New style of smart tags introduced with ## sign for both Word and Excel templates. This makes it much easier to create templates rather than using Word bookmark technology.

50.  QuickBooks Integration has been improved to handle partial data migrations, where connection got initiated but the completed transaction did not occur.

51.  TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 support has been added for the Job Poller.

52.  Right click context menus have been added to the Menu Editor to perform certain actions such as edit, delete, show, hide, etc.

53.  Help document printing options have been improved. Help documents now can be printed to PDF as well as exported to MS Word.

54.  Help content searching has been improved, allowing the user to search the complete text of help document to find what they are looking for.

55.  Archive view has been added for Help documents. This will allow users to archive Help documents which are no longer needed, so that users only see relevant documents and are able more easily locate what they are looking for.

56.  Search functionality has been added to the Email Tab of all modules, allowing users to more easily find emails.

57.  With improvements in the View framework and View performance, support has been added on views to show up to 2000 records per page.



Customer Tracker Module


1.      Follow Company/Customer option has been implemented in Customer Tracker. If you are following a company, you will see all updates for the customer contacts, opportunities, projects, tickets etc. in a centralized News Feed.

2.      New options have been added to the Company Views to bulk assign and/or update managers linked to companies, such as Sales Manager, Tech Manager, etc. This makes it easier when a person leaves an organization and all of his/her customers can be assigned to someone else.

3.      Certain windows in Customer Tracker, such as Activity comments, Activity status change, Mass assign have been converted to EXT based windows to make them more user friendly and to have consistent look and feel with rest of the application stack.

4.      Option has been added so that if a new sales person for the Company has been selected from the Mass Assign button, then that sales person assignment will flow down to all the respective company contacts as well.

5.      Social features, including Comment/Follow/Like etc. are included as a part of Customer Tracker Form and Views.

6.      A new node for Comments has been added on the Company Folder.

7.      Custom Tags and Bookmarks functionality has been improved for exporting company data into Email and Word templates. Missing custom tags have been added as well.



Document Tracker Module


1.      There is a new Document Tracker module in Tracker Suite where users can change/update documents and attachments uploaded in Tracker application while staying inside the Tracker Suite application.

2.      Document linking features have been introduced where users can link/reference one document from another document. It allows users to create links and navigate from one document to other. It also allows them to link to a certain area in the document.

3.      Secure, Easy, One-Click Online Editing of Microsoft Office Documents (for an additional fee, in-place annotation and editing of PDF Documents)

4.      Smart Templates with Smart Tags, where you can Pre-Define Document Templates to be created

5.      Version Control and Edit History Tracking

6.      Document Workflow for Easy Review and Approval

7.      Records Retention and Management Policies

8.      Deep Search which allows searching through documents for keywords and phrases


Expense Tracker Module


1.      The Expense Request Form now has a configurable grid that allows Administrators to alter column orders, visibility, column names, button titles, etc. to suit their requirements.

2.      All Expense Tracker summary views and workflow emails for approval and disapproval have been updated to use these dynamic grid configurations to show/hide and rename certain columns, as defined in the grid profiles.

3.      Workflow comments have been added to the Expense form to show approval and disapproval comments.

4.      Billable and Non-Billable total fields have been added to the Expense Tracker administration dashboard.

5.      Expense request form has been optimized for better performance.

6.      Expense Tracker now supports adding mileage with decimal places while creating their expense reports.

7.      Copy row function has been added on the Expense report that copies information from an expense report row to a newly created row.

8.      Social features such as Comment/Follow/Like etc. are integrated with Expense Tracker form and views.

9.       Mark Paid and Mark Received options on the Administration Dashboard have been updated so that they log information on the expense document log tab for auditing purposes.


Invoice Tracker Module


1.      Payment Tracker is now integrated with the Invoice Tracker module. This allows Invoices to be created for Payments made against Projects. A new tab has been added that lists payments against selected project, similar to what is provided for expenses.

2.      Payments made against Projects have been added to the Invoice Forecast view as well. A user can drill down on the invoice forecast to see Payments along with Expenses, Billing Milestones, and Labor data.

3.      Word Templates have been updated to support Payment Tracker so that printing an invoice will also list payments.

4.      Configuration has been added to the Invoice Tracker setup that allows configuring if Payment data should be included in invoices. Users can also configure default products and services and whether a product and/or service is required or not.

5.      New columns added to the Invoice Tracker views to show the number of attachments uploaded against a particular invoice and their size.

6.      Log has been added under various entities like Person, Project, and Customer etc. for when an invoice record is created or updated.

7.      .Docx file format is supported now while printing invoices. This will allow using templates created in latest MS Office versions.

8.      Creating invoice for project will include payment terms defined on the project and populate terms field on invoice

9.      Invoice Tracker integration with QuickBooks has been updated to post payments data in an invoice to QuickBooks.


Payment Tracker Module


1.      QuickBooks Desktop integration has added for Payment Tracker. All payments will be posted to a QuickBooks queue table and QBD will subsequently read those transactions and bring them into QBD. Failures will be marked with proper errors which can be re-imported after fixing the data issues.

2.      Project Code column has been added in the coding table. User can also select/deselect projects using the Project Code column.

3.      Type-ahead option is added has been added to the Project Code column so that users can easily type in some part of the Project Code to select the Project.

4.      A new feature has been added to the Admin Dashboard view that allows users to select payment requests, mark them paid, and send emails to the Vendor in bulk. The email body that goes out can be customized using the email template functionality.

5.      Billable and Non-Billable total fields have been added to the Payment Tracker Administration Dashboard.

6.      GL Account name is populated in the description column when a GL account code is selected in the coding table section on Payment Request form.

7.      Payment Types listed on the Payment Request form are made configurable allowing users to control what values will be displayed in the pick list.

8.      Wildcard type-ahead feature is added for coding table grid fields. This includes both codebase and custom fields.

9.      Payment Request has been updated so that data entered on the Payment Form can be included in invoices created for the selected project.

10.  Open for Edit option is added on the Payment Request Setup that allows editing of a payment request after a line item is invoiced.

11.  Copy feature has been added in Payment Tracker allowing users to quickly create payments.

12.  Configuration has been added to the Payment Tracker Setup that allows users to be restricted in a way that they can make a copy of only their own payment requests.

13.  Grid state has been added to the Payment request grid that remembers the column sequence and width when you open the form next time.

14.  Vendor rename function can now be initiated directly from the Payment Request Form. This makes fixing Vendor name issues much faster where payments are not getting posted to QuickBooks due to a vendor name conflict.

15.  Social features such as Comment/Follow/Like etc. have been integrated with Payment Request Form and Views.

16.  Last Approver column added on the Payment List Report.

17.  Mark Paid option on Administration Dashboard has been updated so that it logs information on the document log tab for auditing purposes.


Personnel Tracker Module


1.      Person Profiles have been introduced in Tracker Suite V6.0. This allows users to add their pictures into the application. They can also add/update following options on their profile:

·         Emergency Contact Information

·         Their Degrees, Courses and Skills

·         Their contact information such as Phone, Email etc.

·         Manage Items they have liked/disliked

·         See items that they have followed

·         See list of people who are following them

·         View “My Comments”

2.      Follow log has been implemented on the Person Form. If you are following a person, you will see all of the changes and updates and other activities completed in various Tracker modules against this person record in a central News Feed.

3.      Emergency Contact information area has been added to the Person Form. These details can be added from the Form Profile as well as by a certain group of people who are given rights to update these from Person form.

4.      Log tab has been added on the Absence profile form to keep track of who is making changes and when are they made.

5.      Phone List/Employee Directory view has been updated and linked with the Person Profile.

6.      Person Form has been updated to move codebase and custom fields from one tab to another.

7.      Location form and view has been linked with Form Profiles which allows users to re-label and show/hide certain fields.

8.      Log tab has been added to the Location form to keep track of who is making changes and when are they made.

9.      A new feature has been added that allows to a person to set a profile picture from an external source. The user can enter the URL of the external source and the profile picture will be loaded from there.

10.  Start and End Date are added into the subject line for leave approval notification.

11.  File and AD integration improved where duplicates are handled and conflicts are raised on the basis of a predefined column. User is also given option to review conflict, compare conflicting records, and merge records, if needed. User is also given the option to select multiple conflicting records and resolve them in bulk.

12.  Conflicting rows are highlighted on AD Sync desktop drill down views.

13.  Configuration for Duplicate and Conflict column selection have been added to the Personnel Tracker setup page.

14.  On AD Sync Desktop views, all columns from AD field map are displayed so that the user can search and filter records before adding, updating, and/or archiving them.

15.  People utility view has been improved so that a user can update archived data in bulk as well using various update functions.

16.  Updating status profile in bulk has been added to the People utility view.



Project Tracker Module


1.      Follow log has been implemented on the Project form. If you are following a project, you will see all of the changes and updates and other activities done in various Tracker Suite modules against this project record in a central News Feed.

2.      Users have the option to search projects on the basis of certain child documents such as Tasks, Issues, Risks, etc. from Project Folders.

3.      Time and Expense Ledger and GL Ledger report links have been added to the Project Portfolio report.

4.      PO Number field has been added on the GL Ledger view.

5.      Task exception report has been updated to use the link to the Project definition form rather than the Project Desktop view.

6.      Context sensitive menus have been added on the Gantt, with a right click of the mouse. Users can perform operations like Delete, Copy, Indent, Outdent etc. in bulk from right click menus.

7.      Move Task(s) option has been added on the Gantt by right clicking on task or a group of tasks.

8.      Assign resources option has been added on the Gantt by right clicking on the Task or a group of Tasks. If some tasks already have planning data, this option will add new resources to existing planning data.

9.      Payment Terms field has been added to the Project form. If payment terms are defined here, creating invoice for this project will read these terms and populate terms field on invoices created for this project.

10.  If an organization has licensed Meeting Tracker, then the “Meeting” tab is available on the Project, listing meetings for this project.

11.  A new attachment node has been added to the Project’s document view, listing all attachments and documents of that project on a single tab for ease of management. Attachments tab has also been introduced on the All Documents view under projects.

12.  Document log has been improved for audit trail purposes and now records all of the actions/changes made by various users.

13.  A change history tab has been introduced on the Document form, showing all of the interactions that have occurred with that document and its attachments.

14.  Change history option has been added while exporting Document to Word or PDF.

15.  Document tree state is maintained so that when users perform actions like versioning, they are taken back to view from where they started.

16.  Document tree now includes searching inside attachment content as well (where such attachments are searchable, and it will identify if an attachment is not searchable).

17.  Workflow section security has been added on the Document form in the new version of Tracker Suite. This allows the administrator to configure which sections can be editable during various steps of the approval process.

18.  Comments and Discussion technology is integrated with Document Folder and form.

19.  Send for review option has been added for documents.

20.  You can now right click on a document category in the document folder and add a new document directly inside this category. You don’t have to select the category on form.

21.  Right click context menus are added on document tree to add/remove documents.

22.  Searching on document and attachments has been added on the Documents Tab inside the Project. Previously search options were only available on main documents tree.

23.  Copy URL option has been added next to the attachments on the document tree.

24.  Task background color is applied in full cell of Gantt and Scheduler. Cell background color is also applied on timeline bars.

25.  While searching on the Gantt, you can now search on the assignee name as well. Previously it used to search only on Task name and title.

26.  Adding a task with the Gantt is now more user friendly. While entering tasks, you can press enter and it will add next row in Gantt and you can enter new task there.

27.  Refresh button has been added on the Gantt to load latest tasks added/updated while user had the Gantt opened.

28.  File content search is implemented on Project Folders.



Purchase Tracker Module


1.      Purchase Request and Vendor Payment forms have been optimized for better performance.

2.      Purchase Tracker import functionality has been implemented that allows for the importing of purchase requests from csv files. It imports the purchase requests, submits them using the provided workflow and moves these files to the processed folder with date/time stamp.

3.      Import functionality is configured to use field maps and these field maps allow you to configure, add or remove certain fields easily, if needed.

4.      Archive status column has been added in our reporting tables so that it can be provided in Purchase Tracker reports.

5.      Users now have the option to export the whole approval table along with approval dates in their purchase order print/export.

6.      Color coding is added for status column on Admin Dashboard of Purchase request. It makes it easier to distinguish documents in certain statuses like Approved, Processed, etc.

7.      Custom fields on Coding table are provided in the Open PO report.

8.      New version of Purchase Tracker has a better looking approval email.

9.      Social features like Comment/Follow/Like etc. are integrated with the Purchase Tracker Form and Views.

10.  Vendor email is displayed on the Purchase Request form

11.  Notifications from purchase requests have been improved, where you have the option to email Requester, Vendor, and Buyer by selecting a box.

12.  Type ahead is provided on the Cost Center column in the coding table section of the Purchase Request.



Support Tracker Module


1.      The layout of the Support Request form has been changed to make it more user friendly and to present information in a better and more organized way. Sub tabs are removed and new tabs are added on the main form. Rich text control that contains the body of the support request has been moved to the main tab.

2.      Follow log is implemented on Support Request form. If you are following a support ticket, you will see all of the changes and updates and other activities done in various Tracker modules against this ticket in a central News Feed.

3.      Option has been added on the support request views to change requestor in bulk for better record keeping.

4.      Option has been added on support request views to link projects with support tickets.

5.      Mail-in ticket job has been updated to remove extra line breaks and spaces to make tickets more readable.

6.      Folder search option has been added on Support Folder.

7.      Email linking with person, contact, and tickets for mail in tickets so that these emails are listed under the emails tab on respective documents.

8.      User is now allowed to select activity against which time will be charged when charging time from ticket status update and ticket completion.


Time Tracker Module


1.      A new configuration has been added on the Time Tracker setup that allows users to configure roles that are allowed to create timesheet for other users in the organization. This option is provided on the Admin Dashboard, All Timesheets View and Time Compliance Views.

2.      Timesheet Form has been updated to move codebase and custom fields from one tab to another.

3.      Open for edit is enabled for timesheets that contains some invoiced rows. It will allow editing of the rows that have not been invoiced yet.

4.      Time compliance views are optimized for better performance. This is especially useful for clients that have a large number of timesheets.

5.      Wildcard type-ahead search is added for Project and Task fields on the Timesheet form.

6.      Validation for Overlapping hours is added for Time-In/Time-Out Timesheets.

7.      Separate state rows are saved for each timesheet type. This is especially helpful for managers/approvers who receive different kinds of timesheets from their staff for approval and review.

8.      Sorting on time compliance view is fixed so that you can sort various weeks columns by numbers in that column.

9.      Move time sheets function has been added on Administration Dashboard allowing administrator to fix data issues.

10.  A new configuration has been added on Time Tracker Setup that will check if a person is teamed on a project to allow them charging time on project. This will be checked only for projects that are teamed. Everyone will still be able to charge time on un-teamed projects.

11.  Timesheet loading is optimized to support large timesheets more efficiently.


Vendor Tracker Module


1.      Vendor Rename functionality has been implemented. On renaming a Vendor, the new name will be propagated to all of the child documents where Vendor name is linked like items, purchase requests, payment requests etc.

2.      Vendor and Vendor Contact forms are updated to move codebase and custom fields from one tab to another.

3.      Vendor archiving feature is added and verified in various places. Import jobs are updated to archive vendors rather than deleting them if they are not coming in as a part of the import feed anymore.

4.      Closed PO Node has been added on Vendor folder so that users can easily focus on Active/Open POs by default and have a look at a separate closed Pos if needed.

5.      Option to view Archived Vendors has been added to Vendor Folders.

6.      Social features like Comment/Follow/Like etc. are integrated with Vendor Tracker Form and Views.



Reporting/ Tracker Data Warehouse


1.      Option has been added to export Tracker Reports as Excel Pivot. This allows users to export large data sets to Excel and use Excel pivot reporting capabilities.

2.      Pivot report export to Excel functionality is updated to user a new library that exports the report in much better layout and supports latest .xlsx format in exports that is compatible with latest versions of MS Excel.  Report export to Excel functionality is improved to be able to export data with more than 65000 rows. There was a limitation with MS Excel that was handled to export large size reports properly to Excel.

3.      Reports are linked to Form Profile and the columns that are hidden on form profile will be hidden from the reports as well.

4.      Expand All and Collapse All functionality added on grouped Tracker reports.

5.      Option has been added in Tracker Data Warehouse to archive reports. This way administrators can archive reports not needed, thus presenting users a clean view of reports that are likely to be used by the clients.

6.      Custom fields are added on Support Tracker list reports.

7.      Thousand separators are added on numbers that are displayed on graphical reports.














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