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Tracker Suite Version 7.0 Release Notes

October 2023



Tracker Suite Version 7.0 Release Notes



Technology Upgrade:

New version of Extension JS is incorporated into Tracker Suite to continue supporting cross browser capabilities and to keep Tracker Suite working with latest versions of all of the major browsers being used.


Document Editing:

Ø  New lightweight Folder technology has been introduced across Tracker to make Document/Workpaper management easier, faster, and more scalable.

Ø  Offline editor is enhanced to support Emails, Findings, Discussions.  It has also been improved to support multiple link insertions.

Ø  Procedure management support is incorporated using Templates. Templates for procedures are defined and the Offline Editor can create those procedures on the fly when next steps of procedures are accessed.

Ø  A new Add-in for MS Outlook has been created which is now shipped as part of the Offline Editor installer


Other Features:

Ø  Office 365 integration support is introduced for email management

Ø  A better user interface for Desktop, Forms and Views has been added as a part of the V 7.0 release which now uses new Font awesome Icons.

Ø  Option to create and distribute set of Collections to other users is supported by defining Roles which should have the Collection added to their Desktops.



Application Wide / Framework Changes

1.      Online Document management and editing system is enhanced significantly in Tracker Suite V7.0. Following new features are introduced for document management and editing:

·         Discussion board/comment engine is integrated with offline editor, allowing synchronizing comments from Word/Excel in the Tracker comments engine with the option to resolve from Word document and resolved status updated back in Tracker.

·         Procedure management support is incorporated using Templates. Templates for procedures are defined and Offline Editor can create those procedures on the fly when next steps of procedures are accessed.

·         Support is added in Offline Editor Plugin to send emails and add findings from within the Offline Editor.

·         Option is provided in Offline Editor to insert links to multiple files in a single go.

·         Document templates are improved to support smart tags. When these templates get dropped in Projects/Audits, all of the smart tags are dynamically replaced with relevant information for that particular Project/Audit.

·         Configuration is added in Company Setup to add/update support file extensions for offline editing.

·         Option is provided to take files offline for an extended period of time that allows users to work in offline mode for an extended period of time.

·         Logs are now being kept on file download and upload for auditing purposes.

·         Success Folder is added to keep track of recent files that are uploaded successfully. Also, a function is added to do the clean-up of success and error folders.

·         Update Links function has been improved to update links in Header and Footer section of the Word document.

·         Smart Tags for Customer Tracker and Vendor Tracker are provided in Office plugins while editing Documents.

·         A new button is provided in the ribbon bar that gives us a list of invalid/broken links and gives the user the option to remove those links from File/Workpaper.


2.      Integration with Office 365 is now supported for email distribution, threading, and management. All of the jobs are converted to support sending emails via Office 365 as well.

3.      New Tracker Suite version supports OAuth 2.0 for Office 365 integration.  OAuth 2.0 is a standard designed to allow a website or application to access resources hosted by other web apps on behalf of a user. It is now the de facto industry standard for online authorization.

4.      Soft deletion is now supported across modules for all of the important documents/entities that allows a user to bring back/restore if they have accidentally deleted a document.

5.      A new configuration has been added on Company setup to control if an organization wants to use the soft deletion feature or not.

6.      Document life cycle options are now added in the system, allowing users to define when to Archive documents, when to move them to a Cold Store database, if you want to notify someone in advance before archiving documents, whether attachments should be moved before or along with the document move to Cold Storage, etc.  This allows organizations to shelve the old data and keep active documents lean, fast, and easy to backup and maintain.

7.      New Cold Storage views are introduced in all modules from where users can see the data moved to Cold Storage and they can also bring back data if ever needed.

8.      New user interface has been introduced as a part of V7.0 release.  It uses new font awesome fonts and icons for Desktop, Views, and Forms giving the application a new and more modern user interface.

9.      Session management is improved making it more secure.

10.  New lightweight Folder technology has been introduced in Tracker. It allows users to manage their Documents/Workpapers more efficiently. It supports all of the features of legacy document containers with additional features provided such as:

·         It allows folder and files to co-exist under the same parent folder

·         A new security tab has been added on the Folder’s property dialog listing which users have access to this Folder.

·         Copying a Folder to another project under some particular folder. Previously, it would copy at the root level of the destination project.

11.  Outlook plugin has been added enabling users to file emails as Project Emails in Tracker as well as saving emails as support tickets, project documents, company documents and project attachments.

12.  Outlook plugin also allows you to create documents like Timesheets, Expense Reports, Projects, Purchase Requests, Payment Requests, etc. from within Outlook environment.

13.  Mass emails being sent from system are made intelligent. If more than 20 emails will be generated, system will use a different Asynchronous approach to send out emails in the background while returning control to user. A success email will be sent out to the sender when all of the emails are successfully sent in the background.

14.  Under Log Management section, new configurations have been added on Company setup that allows you to define what level of Read Logs you would like to keep. It allows you to log events when you open Views, Forms, Desktop Shortcuts, etc. for auditing purposes.

15.  Link to Offline Editor download has been added to Welcome Emails. Companies can configure if they want to include this download link in the Welcome Emails or not.

16.  Licensing for Offline Editor is introduced. Administrators/HR Admins will be able to grant Offline Editor license to users. There is an option added to bulk assign/revoke licenses from the People Utilities View. People who have license will get Edit options against files while other users will get standard download buttons for attachments.

17.  Security settings are provided to mark a file/Workpaper as private. Once marked private, you can define users who will have access to this particular document/workpaper.

18.  A new icon is now displayed on the Document Folder to indicate if a particular file is marked as Private or not.

19.  Administrators can now create Collections on their Desktop and distribute across the organization by defining which Roles will have access to these Collections. These redistributable collections will appear on the Desktop of selected user groups.

20.  A new Recent Activities menu group has been introduced as part of V7.0 release listing all your recent documents you opened providing you a quick way to reopen them.

21.  A new configuration toggle button is provided on the Desktop bottom left bar that allows you to control if you would like to receive prompt to send notifications on various actions while working in Tracker. This toggle button also shows the current option that user has selected.

22.  Archive/Un-Archive function is added for management of Account Codes. Account codes that were previously used can be Archived from the system rather than removing them.

23.  New Fonts are used.

24.  Option is provided on Document Template folder to copy a template from one section/department to another.

25.  Searching on Views is improved and optimized to search in large datasets more efficiently.

26.  OBS Tree technology is rewritten use EXT JS technology stack making it cross browser compatible.

27.  Paging is added on the Document Folder to improve loading time for organizations that have a huge list of projects and document folders/workpapers.

28.  Option has been added on attachment controls across the application to add blank Word and Excel files. This allows users to add blank files and edit them using the Offline Editor.

29.  Read security calculation is optimized when changed on Form Profile. General Form Profile performance is also improved.

30.  Option is given to add/update comments in attachment control and on document tree at a file/attachment/workpaper level. This allows people to discuss any questions related to the preparation of the file.

31.  Email selected option is added on Prepare and Review documents/workpapers from Attachments only view.

32.  Export to Excel option is added on Document Folders.

33.  For security purpose, last logged in Date/Time is shown on Person Profile for logged in user. This allows users to know if any other person has accessed his/her account.

34.  Session based logging is improved for logins as part of drive for NIST compliance. We are now logging fields such as the user’s IP address, browser, etc.

35.  Support for custom fields is added on Attachment/Workpaper form that opens when you click on the gear icon next to the file name.

36.  Support is added on Document Folder and Templates Folder to load and display data in the custom fields added on the Attachment form profile.

37.  Read security calculation mechanism on Form Profile is improved for performance and is redesigned to be more solid and error free.

38.  Support is provided on Document Folder to move attachments/workpapers up/down using arrow buttons provided to arrange them in desired order.

39.  Copying multiple folders and related files at one time is now supported on Document Folders.

40.  Support is provided on Company Folders to send email and attach actual physical files along with the email rather than emailing links to files. This allows users to email files for review to people who are not in Tracker. They can review the files and provide their feedback.

41.  Configuration section is provided on Company setup to select which Roles are allowed to see New Event and New Holiday buttons on Company Calendar.

42.  Workflow emails and reminders when the system fails to send are logged in the system for retry in case of any error encountered in sending email.

43.  Impersonation logs are added/improved in Tracker Log for security and auditing purposes. System now logs both the original user name and the impersonated user name in the logs.

44.  For system maintenance purposes an email is sent out to administrators containing Level 1 errors being logged in Tracker Log.

45.  Excel Import is updated to make it cross browser compatible. Issues are fixed related to date and number formats.

46.  System now supports searching data if the search string contains European Phonetic symbols.

47.  Added a new job that will send Weekly Emails for Level 1 Errors.

48.  If first menu for creating New Documents contains only one option then view framework will create a menu button rather than drop down menu to save the user some extra clicks.

49.  Added message in Word/Excel plugin on Copy Link function to save document so that bookmarks will not be lost.

50.  Added selected text as tooltip for Copy & Paste Link function in offline editor.

51.  Workflow notifications that are using templates now allow to configure and use Subject line from Template rather than using a hard coded subject.

52.  Option is provided to rename view columns that are not linked to Form Profiles. This feature is only available to Guru users allowing them to define the customized column names that are not controlled by Form Profile. These new names will be made available to all users.

53.  Workflow is provided for Attachments/Files as well as Folders, so now we can setup approval process if needed for files and folders.

54.  Rich Text Box control is added on Folder. When you view properties of a Folder, you can set a rich text description for that Folder. Upgrader is also written to copy rich text from old documents to new Folder technology if a client opts to upgrade to Folder technology.

55.  Option is provided to send reminder option for awaiting approval documents on the Master Outbox View.

56.  New configuration options are provided on the Form Profile to configure Delete security rights based upon the Document’s approval status. This allows users to delete documents such as Timesheets, projects that they created mistakenly or erroneously and want to remove from the system.

57.  New dialog is added for setting filters on views. This new filter option is much more scalable, efficient, and user friendly.

58.  New options to hide columns and rename columns have been added to the view framework. This can be accessed by clicking the small triangle at the end of the column name.

59.  Multi Approve option has been added to the Master Inbox. It allows approvers to select multiple documents pending approval and approve them all at once.

60.  Users are given the option to export views in Excel with and without links.

61.  Available columns are listed in sorted order now on views which makes it easier for users to add/remove columns.

62.  Document icons are added next to their name in the Master Inbox view which makes it easier for users to identify documents from certain modules.

63.  A new feature has been added which allows the user to export selected or all emails on the Email Tab to PDF file.

64.  Option is added on Person Profile Form to swap Favorites and Most used items that a person has selected, this allows users to see their favorite items in the main menu and makes them accessible with one click.

65.  The behavior of the application has been changed when a user tries to close a form after making changes. Now, the user is given the option if they want to close the form after saving changes or without saving changes. Pressing the “Yes” button will save the changes and then close the form.

66.  New comments tab is provided on the Folder/Tasks/Attachment Forms.

67.  Log messages are added and improved to handle data moving between Active and Cold Storage databases.

68.  Support is provided in the Form Library to show tooltips for buttons.

69.  Refresh button is provided in the top bar of views toolbar to make it more visible and accessible.

70.  The option is provided to drag a parent menu from the Left side menu and drop it onto your Desktop. It will create it on the Desktop as a Folder and all of its child menus will be listed under that folder as Desktop Shortcuts.




Customer Tracker Module

1.      New lightweight folder technology is now supported in Customer Tracker. It allows users to manage documents more efficiently. It supports all of the features of legacy document containers with additional features provided.

2.      Option is provided to hand off selected contacts in V7.0.

3.      An activity can now be moved to a different company with this V7.0 release.

4.      Option to create a new company and a new contact is now provided on the Common Inbox View.

5.      A new Comments/Discussion Tab has been added to the Company Form, listing all of the comments and their replies for the Company. It will also list the discussion threads that were created on the Projects under that Company.



Expense Tracker Module

1.      Integration of Personnel Tracker Travel and Expense templates is now supported. A new button is available which allows users to select a template and all of its rows will be added automatically to the Expense report.

2.      Proper validations are added on the Expense Report to check if the user is allowed to use a template more than once, if there are funds remaining in that template, or if it has already reached the limit.

3.      Expense Tracker now allows you to define attachments at the line-item level so approvers and accounting people can reconcile supporting documents more easily.

4.      Support is added in Expense Tracker to charge against Travel and Expense authorization documents.

5.      Configuration is added on Expense Workflow Profile allowing users to configure to select people who will be notified on approve and financial review.

6.      Configuration is added on Expense Tracker Setup where it can be defined if we want to Allow/Dis-Allow charging expenses against projects with certain statuses.

7.      Integration with QuickBooks Desktop is now supported where expense reports will create Journal Entries in QuickBooks.

8.      My Employee’s Expense Reports View has been added for Expense Tracker to list expense reports of people who work for the logged in person (either manager or supervisor).

9.      Project Name and Project Code columns are added to the Expense Tracker Administration Dashboard View


Payment Tracker Module


1.      Option is added to define custom fields for Payment Request Form. This allows users to add any additional fields as per their requirement, record data in those fields, and add those fields to the view to list data and search in those fields.

2.      Archive rules defined on Payment Request Form Profile are implemented in Payment Tracker on the basis of submitted, modified, and posted date in combination with document approval status.

3.      Cold Storage functionality integrated with Payment Tracker. Payment Request listing view with option to restore payment requests back to active databases is provided.

4.      New features are provided on Administration Dashboard to Cancel, Un-cancel, and Un-process selected payment requests.

5.      An Approve by Date field is added on the Payment Request Form and Views. In this field, users can define if this request needs urgent approval by a certain date. If this field is populated, approval email that goes to the approver has this field highlighted in order to bring it to their attention that s/he needs to approve this request before a certain date.

6.      A new view is introduced listing all of the Payment Approvals that are due, categorized by when they are due: i.e., Future, Past, Today, etc. on the basis of Approve by Date.

7.      For Payment Tracker, workflow amount-based configuration has been added to require an attachment on validation. This will force users to attach a receipt/invoice if the payment amount exceeds a certain threshold.

8.      Configuration is added on Payment Tracker setup where it can be defined if we want to Allow/Dis-Allow creating payments against projects with certain statuses.





Personnel Tracker Module

1.      If a person is set as a manager on another person’s record, then the Manager role in Tracker Suite is assigned to him/her automatically allowing them to use Manager specific areas in Tracker Suite for managing their staff.

2.      Travel and Expense authorization templates are revamped to allow support for adding expense entries grid. Various validations were added to validate budget entries and amounts when these templates are charged using the Expense Tracker module.

3.      While defining Travel and Expense templates, a user is also allowed to define which expense codes can be charged against for a particular template type.

4.      Log management is improved on the person form to be more efficient and scalable. Person form is optimized in general to improve loading time.

5.      Workflow section security is added on Person Document Templates allowing to lock various sections of the form during different stages of the Approval process.

6.      Archive option is added on People Access by Date view. This allows administrators to Archive people who have not logged into the system since a certain date and helps with data cleanup.



Project Tracker Module


1.      New outline view is provided in Tracker Suite V7.0 which allows users to define custom processes as per the customer’s requirements. These processes can be defined and used to display and manage the Folders / Attachments / Task hierarchy from a single view. It allows Nesting Tasks under Folders or vice versa.  It also allows re-arranging all of the tasks / folders / attachments as well.

2.      Automations and Validations have been added at the Project, Task, Folder and Attachment level. It allows users to define validations and actions that can happen when a certain event is triggered. For example, a validation can be added that a particular task can only be marked completed when all child tasks have been completed or when all of its attachments have been Reviewed/Approved.  It also allows adding automations such as when a task is completed, a new WBS Structure or Folder Structure is added under the project. Automations can include:

·         Addition of Team Members

·         Addition of Budget Details

·         Addition of Tasks/WBS Structure

·         Addition of Folders or Templates

·         Sending out emails to different people and roles on certain events

3.      Risks/Findings are integrated with Documents/Workpapers allowing users to define findings for Documents/Workpapers.  Adding Findings is also integrated with Offline Editor so that users can add findings from Word/Excel while actually working on the Document/Workpaper.

4.      Budget grid is converted to Form Profile. This allows users to define and view custom columns along with some existing mandatory codebase columns in the Budget grid.

5.      Document Folder performance is improved so that it can support on demand loading. This allows Document Folder to handle all of the Project’s documents at a single time without users having to open each project and switching to its Document’s Tab.

6.      Task bars on Project Calendar can be dragged to change their dates making it very easy for users and project manager to adjust dates for tasks that users will be working on.

7.      Read only team members option is added giving these particular users only read access on the Documents/Workpapers.

8.      Read only team members will also have read only access on the Project and all of its child documents such as Issues, Risks, etc.

9.      Project and Task Status Boards are now integrated with latest version of Kanban boards to keep abreast with latest browser technologies and versions.

10.  Latest version of Scheduler is now integrated with Project and Task schedulers allowing users to continue using latest browser versions.

11.  Latest version of Gantt is now integrated supporting latest features and performance improvements.

12.  A new job is written to update Project security when OBS fields are updated and new OBS managers are added/updated.

13.  Option is provided to extend the end date of a Task if planned hours are added beyond the End Date.

14.  A new Add New Sub Task option is provided on the Gantt. This will add the newly added task as a child task to selected task on Gantt.

15.  New lightweight folders are integrated with Project Folders so that you can see their structure while browsing projects.

16.  Saving of tasks on Gantt is optimized to improve performance and scalability.

17.  A confirmation message is given on saving data to the user if his/her current changes will result in changing the Critical Path of the project.

18.  My Tasks link is provided on My Scheduler and To Do List pages.

19.  While scheduling tasks from To Do List page, options are provided if you want to move the start date of the task to the current week or if you want to extend the task end date to current week. This is available if the week for which hours are being planned doesn’t fall in Task window.

20.  To Do Lists are improved for both user and manager by introducing a Calendar view of planned tasks/activities.

21.   WBS Level 1-5 columns are added on My Task Scheduler and Manager’s Staff Task Scheduler views.

22.  A new Email Tab is provided on the Meeting Form with the option to send template-based emails.

23.  Task calendar is updated to use new Calendar control to make it more usable.

24.  Added support for Unread rows on To Do List views. Option is also added to mark rows Read or Unread. This allows users to easily see the changes that they have not viewed yet as unread rows are displayed in bold.

25.  On the Documents Tab and Project Folder View, the system now supports adding attachments / files from templates. Previously you were only able to add Documents / Folders from Templates.

26.  Copying a project now allows you to set new Project Manager, Sponsor, Department and Customer directly from the Project Copy screen for the new Project.

27.  A progress bar is now provided on Project copy to make the user aware of the copy operation which is especially useful for projects with a large number of tasks and files.

28.  Option is provided on Task Scheduler to group tasks by Program and Project Type.

29.   New Outline View.

30.  Automation and Procedures capabilities.

31.  System now supports adding Folders against Tasks. Folders Tab is also added on the Tasks Form to show a Tree View of Folders and Attachments.

32.  Added show/hide Health option for projects in Dashboard View from view menu.

33.  Available columns are listed in sorted order now on Gantt which makes it easier for users to add/remove columns.

34.  New menu options are given on Tasks View to Change Start and End Dates of multiple tasks at one time, by selecting multiple tasks.

35.  Functionality has been added to Project Tracker to allow/disallow if a project’s billing address should be updated if a customer’s address has changed. It allows the pushing of the updated address from the Customer Form to all of the child projects and contacts for that customer.

36.  Action button with counts has been added on Project, Task, Folder and Attachment Forms listing all of the available actions that can be performed. Clicking the button will list actions and give the option to execute those actions.

37.  Option has been provided to add issues against attachments.

38.  A new Issues Tab has been added to the Folder form that will list issues against attachments for that Folder. This can help in the management of projects/workpapers.

39.  Read security has been added on the Documents/Folders Tab of Projects. So, if a user doesn’t have rights, this tab will show up as blank.

40.  Search function has been added on the Folder Views for Projects and Tasks.

41.  New interface is introduced on the Gantt Tab of a project to assign resources to a task. It allows project managers to assign resources (single/multiple resources) directly from the Gantt interface by editing the assignment column directly and typing in the names. It also allows type ahead feature to make this quite powerful and easy to use.

42.  The option has been added on the Project Copy dialog to select if you would like to copy over Assignments and Automations to a newly created project.


Purchase Tracker Module

1.      Mass printing option is provided in Purchase Tracker allowing you to select multiple vendor payments and print them at one time. Mass printing is also provided for Purchase Orders.

2.      An Approve by Date field has been added to the Vendor Payment Form and Views. In this field, users can define if this request needs urgent approval by a certain date. If this field is populated, the approval email that goes to the approver has this field highlighted to bring it to his/her attention that s/he needs to approve this request before a certain date.

3.      A new view has been introduced listing all of the vendor payment approvals that are due categorized by When Due: i.e., Future, Past, Today, etc. on the basis of Approve by Date.

4.      Support is provided for new smart tags on Purchase Word templates using ## sign. This allows users to design their purchase exports and printing the exports in a better way.

5.      A new Emails Tab has been added on Vendor Payment listing all of the related emails.

6.      Quantity column is populated by default as “1” in the order table while making purchase requests. Users can change the value if needed.

7.      Document Log is added when a document is re-sent for Approval (Admin Resend).

8.      A new option is provided on Purchase Setup where the PO description can be populated to Vendor Payment Description by default.

9.      Configuration provided on Purchase Setup to Allow/Disallow Projects based upon certain statuses such as Active, Inactive, etc.

10.  Added option on re-route page to update all occurrences of approver with new selected person.

11.  Added type-ahead option on workflow field on Purchase Request Form.


Support Tracker Module

1.      Support Tracker module is converted to Ext JS 7 to support a better user interface and provide a faster user experience along with supporting latest browser versions.

2.      A new FAQ document folder has been introduced under Support Tracker. This allows you to link Word documents with a question. It also allows you to:

·         Pivot the FAQ folder by Level 1 Category or Request Type

·         Do inline editing of Word documents using our new offline editor

·         Perform a full text search on the Word/Excel documents attached to a question

3.      A new “My Staff Open Ticket” menu has been added under Support Tracker. This will list all of the open tickets assigned to people who report to the logged in user (the logged in user would either be a Manager or a Supervisor for this menu item).

4.      Option has been added under Support Tracker to send out a Monthly Evaluation to requestors so that they can get a list of all of their tickets that were completed last month and fill out evaluations for them.

5.      A view FAQ button has been added on Support Request Form that allows user to see a list of FAQs filtered by the opened Request Type and SCBS level.

6.      My Tickets and Ticket Assignment Boards are now integrated with latest version of Kanban boards to keep abreast with latest browser technologies and versions.

7.      Option is provided to create FAQ when a ticket is marked as completed from Support Tracker views. It was already there when completing a ticket from the support request form.

8.      Evaluation list report is created listing all of the evaluations submitted by people.

9.      Added functionality to group/link similar tickets together. Functionality is also provided on open request view to select and create a Master Ticket and add all of the selected tickets as linked tickets on that Master Ticket. This allows closing all of the linked tickets at one time. Ticket completion email will go to all of the requestors of linked tickets informing them of the fix.

10.  A new Linked Ticket Tab has been added on the support form. This lists all of the linked tickets and allows users to add/remove more tickets in the linked list of tickets.

11.  Ticket assignments and status update on Master Ticket will update all of the child/linked tickets as well.

12.  A Master Ticket indicator Icon has been added to the Support Tracker Views to distinguish the Master Tickets from other tickets.

13.  Added a new configuration to define default activity field on Support Setup Form.

14.  Added Initial Assigned By and Initial Assigned Date columns on the support request to be updated upon the first ticket assignment.

15.  Added new features to Control New Hire process via Support Ticket. System also now integrates Asset Tracker with Support Tracker for these processes where defined Asset Requests are created for New Hire and, in order to complete a Support Request, you need to complete the asset assignments first.

16.  Termination process can now also be accomplished with Support Tickets. Selected person will be terminated on support ticket completion and all of the assets assigned to him/her will be marked for return.

Time Tracker Module

1.      Time Tracker module has been converted to Ext JS 7 to support a better user interface and provide a faster user experience along with supporting latest browser versions.

2.      Timesheet approval email language is set per the Approver’s timesheet format rather than the submitter’s timesheet format e.g. if Approver is using a Japanese timesheet, approval email sent will be in the Japanese language.

3.      A new configuration has been added on Time Tracker setup that allows you to enable showing Level 1 WBS information on selecting tasks on timesheet.

4.      WBS Information is also made a part of the Approval email so that Approver can understand better that against which task time is being charged.

5.      A new configuration has been added on Time Tracker setup which allows client to configure if they want to show project selection filters based upon OBS and/or Project Type or both. It also allows for the removal of any of these filters.

6.      My Employee’s Timesheets View has been added for Time Tracker to list timesheets of people who work under the logged in person (either manager or supervisor).

Vendor Tracker Module

1.      Vendor Tracker module has been converted to Ext JS 7 to support a better user interface and provide a faster user experience along with supporting latest browser versions.

2.      Option to create a new Vendor and a new Vendor Contact is now provided on the Common Inbox View.

3.      Implemented Accept Push Address drop down field with Yes/No option on Vendor Contact Form. This allows to push updated Vendor address to trickle down to its contacts who have accepted address push.


Reporting: Tracker Data Warehouse

1.      Option is provided in the Reporting Framework report profile area where the Administrator is now allowed to define default values for filters. They also have the option to lock certain filters so that users are not allowed to change filter value.

2.      Reporting framework has been converted to Ext JS 7 which makes it faster and compatible with latest browser versions.

3.      A new security log report has been added under Tracker Reports allowing users to see the security log report and have it filtered.

4.      Resource availability report has been extended to show all 5 levels of WBS information against the tasks.

5.      Added option for Pivot Table to be exported as expanded or collapsed in Excel Export.

6.      Added option to rename public/private reports in report profile page.

7.      The option is provided on codebase reports allowing the user to run the reports from Active database, Cold Storage database or both.

8.      Cold Storage flag and Cold Storage date columns are provided in codebase reports allowing users to be able to group Active and Cold Storage data if they opt to run reports across both databases.