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Automation Centre Announces Tracker Suite Version 6.0 Released

January 2020

Automation Centre is pleased to announce the release of Tracker Suite Version 6.0 (, the latest version of its web-based enterprise workforce management and productivity suite. Tracker Suite 6.0 provides exciting new features which allow employees, customers, and vendors to collaborate in the cloud to produce greater business value.

Tracker Suite 6.0 provides customers with a new collaboration framework on top of our proven business process engine. This allows for easy sharing of a collaboration site, a project, or a business process such as gathering information for bids and proposals. We believe that collaboration along with the best practices for managing essential business processes creates an exciting opportunity for current and future Tracker Suite customers.

“In 1994, Automation Centre brought our integrated approach to what was a new market for software, then dubbed Groupware. This market later exploded and became known as the collaboration space. As web applications became more popular, we shifted our focus to more structured business processes and workflow solutions to streamline engineering, research, and service organizations. Now we are returning our focus back to the basics of enhancing our value by helping clients better communicate, collaborate, and coordinate.” says Steven Birchfield, CEO of Automation Centre.

What’s New in Tracker Suite 6.0.

1.    Enhanced Collaboration and a New and Improved User Interface

  • A new look to the Tracker Navigator and Desktop.
  • Share” buttons that allow users to distribute information with a click.
  • A “What’s New” section that provides an at-a-glance summary of recent developments.
  • “Unread” marks that highlight new and updated items for the user’s attention.
  • Securely follow people, customers, and projects to monitor their processes. Review the status of all work for a specific person, project, and/or customer.
  • A voting engine that streamlines polling and consensus building on ideas and initiatives.
  • Bulletin Boards that allow users to easily discuss projects, tickets and vendors as a community.

2.    Streamlined Document Management with the new “Document Tracker” Module:

  • Quickly create new documents, including form letters and pre-filled forms.
  • Edit document attachments directly, without the need to attach and re-attach.
  • Check-in / check-out and Version control.
  • Document linking and referencing simplifies review and saves users time.

3.    Simplified, Automated Maintenance

  • Automated archiving agents keep data clean and organized.
  • “Cold Storage” options to support record retention policies.
  • Improved logging of user history and activities.
  • Easy re-name terminology across the entire application, including reports.
  • Track change history in configuration areas.

Tracker Suite 6.0 also includes under-the-hood feature improvements for all of its modules, as well as performance enhancements with current versions of IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Tracker Suite modules include: Project Tracker, Time Tracker, Purchase Tracker, Payment Tracker, Expense Tracker, Vendor Tracker, Support Tracker, Customer Tracker, Personnel Tracker, Invoice Tracker, and Tracker Data Warehouse.

Interested parties may register for immediate access to a free evaluation site at: or email

About Automation Centre and Tracker Suite:

Tracker Suite offers secure, easy to use, integrated workflow all integrated with central business intelligence reporting. Now is the time to automate and integrate your organization. Implement a single module or a complete solution all applications are available on the cloud or on premise.

Automation Centre ( has been successfully providing business solutions since 1994, and is a leading provider of advanced Project Management, Time Reporting, Purchasing, and Help Desk solutions for organizations of all sizes. TrackerSuite.Net is a trademark of Automation Centre. Tracker Suite and TrackerOffice are registered trademarks of Automation Centre.