Tracker Suite Delivers a Highly Responsive Application Framework

A project portfolio management software provider, Automation Centre has provided comprehensive solutions for Projects as well as IT, HR and Sales since 1994. Today Automation Centre is the leading developer of collaborative solutions for Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook, and has expanded its product line with powerful, 100% Web based solutions.

Automation Centre offers solutions for project and portfolio management software, IT Automation / ITIL, Time and Billing, HR and much more for today's leading email platforms and the Web. Our Tracker Suite products are a 100% Web-based business process automation software solution for Web-based Project Management, Help Desk, Timesheets, Purchasing, Resource Management, Business Intelligence and much more. Tracker Suite software also integrates with leading email platforms including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, and Web email services such as Gmail.

Tracker Suite Integration Features:

  • Available as a Licensed, Hosted, or Hybrid Model
  • Ability to integrate with popular software such as Quickbooks and Salesforce
  • We can also integrate Tracker Suite with existing Accounting and other legacy systems

Tracker Suite products are available in modular, integrated suites, allowing organizations to choose the applications they want to assemble the solution they need, such as project management dashboards, a solution for earned value management or compliance with SOP 98-1.

Three Business Platforms to Choose

Tracker SuiteWeb-Based Online Applications

Tracker Suite
for MS OutlookMicrosoft Outlook Based Software

Tracker Suite
for Lotus NotesLotus Notes Based Software

Tracker Suite

Tracker Suite is a 100% Web based enterprise project management solution which integrates with leading email platforms, including Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Lotus Notes and others. Imagine being constantly on top of all your projects, able to touch and manage your projects from the office or the field through the Web or your email client. Tracker Suite provides project managers the tools they need to lead projects effectively, while giving executives a high-level view of where their projects are going and what it's costing, through a single Web portal interface.

A Free Trial/Demo on Demand is available through our website. After registering, you are given a link to a live Tracker Suite evaluation site, where you may explore the Tracker Suite environment as a Guest user. An Automation Centre representative can also configure full-access accounts for those who want a deeper Tracker Suite experience.

Tracker Suite for MS Outlook

Tracker Suite can also be configured as an Outlook based collaboration solution for project management and job costing, with modules that provide functions for project management, Outlook timesheets, expense reporting, invoicing, purchasing, customer relationship management and reporting.

Why pay for one or more stand alone solutions, and all their associated time and resource costs in installation and deployment, when you can leverage the Outlook client already on your users' desktops to fill those needs?

Tracker Suite for Lotus Notes

Automaton Center also offers a comprehensive package of Lotus Notes Domino enterprise project management software tools designed to maximize your office efficiency by simplifying and accelerating vital business processes including project management and job costing, help desk management and support services, expense tracking, time reporting, resource management, CRM, sales force automation and more. How can Tracker Suite streamline your projects? Take a look at our Tracker Suite Flash presentation.